Japan has one of the healthiest populations in the world. In some parts of the island, you will find a great many people who have lived to very old age and are still strong, vigorous, and full of energy. Much of this has to do with the diet followed by ordinary people in the country.

The Japanese insist on freshness above all. One of the most startling things that one witnesses in Japan is the queue that forms in front of supermarkets just before they open. The reason this happens is because the shoppers want to get the meat, fish, and other items that have come in fresh for the day. The shopping is done daily, so the practice occurs every day.

The Japanese focus on getting the most nutrition as possible from their foods. The food itself is tasty and filling, but for the Japanese it is imperative that it also be nourishing to the body. Eating Japanese food will allow you to significantly increase your intake of proteins. The Japanese eat a lot of fish, which is high in that vitamin. They tend to stay away from red meat, which is considered unhealthy.

Soy is a popular condiment in Japan. It is another source of protein and reduces the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure. A third Japanese food that can help improve your health is buckwheat. They add it to a number of dishes, and it can help immensely with your digestion.

A fourth lesson to be taken from the Japanese way of eating is that they serve meals in smaller portions, which discourages overeating. Japanese servings are about half of what one gets in the West.

Finally, Japanese always serve green tea with their meals. Drinking green tea regularly can help you fight off the unhealthy elements in your body.